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Contract Services Offered


Let us personally review your needs ....

Let us personally review your needs ....

General Services

  • Check-In Inspection & Report - Provide preventative
  • recommendations and estimates
  • -Landlord Contact Line - Available for property owners to inquire about potential issues or concerns
  • -Tenant Contact Line - For tenants to make repair and service requests, including 24-hour emergency

service line

  • Quality Repairs & Service - Completed by licensed contractor
    • Repairs in Excess of $300 - Outlined to homeowner, consent required (unless deemed an emergency by licensed contractor)
  • Email Reports - Provided for any major maintenance issues occurring on property
  • Check-Out Inspection & Report
    •  Outlines property issues and recommendations and estimates for property turnover


  • Vacuum Dryer Vent
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Winterize Outdoor Water Sources
  • Test Sump Pump



Service Fees

  • Maintenance Fee -
    • For all services listed, fee of 6% monthly rental for 12 months required (in advance)
  • Contract Length -
    • Based on a 12 month lease term
  • Required Repairs -
    •  Completed as necessary, billed to property owner (advanced approval obtained if cost exceeds $300)
  • Emergency Repairs -
    •  Completed when required; if time sensitive, advanced approval waived by property owner
  • Additional Services - 
    • Estimates can be requested at any time for any additional services and billed to property owner


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